Playing all the best music 

THAT MANCHESTER SOUND   take the biggest hits from the best Manchester bands and cram them into one epic show.  All the classic anthems from the past 40 years feature in the set.  You'll hear the best of The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Smiths, James, The Charlatans, The Buzzcocks and Joy Division but also enjoy modern Manc greats, The Courteeners.   Local Manchester lads, the band hail from Chorlton, Altrincham, Stockport and Heywood so love sharing their musical culture with audiences throughout the country.

Spencer Davies - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar  Spence is the quintessential charismatic front man who interacts with his audiences effortlessly.  He has a chameleon-like ability to morph into the stage personas of all the Manc greats.  Liam Gallagher's and Ian Brown's Manc swagger are as easy to deliver for Spence as Morrissey's theatrics and he is also a brilliant rhythm guitarist so the multi-talented front man can also channel the skills of Liam Fray and Pete Shelley. 

Mike Lott - Vocals & Bass Mike is a veteran of the 90's Leeds music scene which produced talents such as the Kaiser Chiefs.  He is another ambidextrous musical wonder who provides angelic vocals and also delivers the band's driving bass lines.  Mike's Hooky-esque moves and Mani-esque grooves ensure the songs have a professional authenticity which capture all the subtleties of the songs you love.

Rick Manning - Lead Guitar, Keyboards & Effects 

Rick is a music shop owner by day, meaning he is constantly surrounded by the things he loves most: guitars! Armed with a fleet of weird and space-age looking effects pedals, Rick helps make the four piece band sound like a six or seven piece ensemble and he always produces a faithful replica of any song in THAT MANCHESTER SOUND's epic set list.

A true Manchester music devotee, Rick lives on the same street where The Stone Roses' Ian Brown and John Squire grew up.

You'll notice he is not allowed a microphone on stage, for a good reason.

Steve Maple - Drums 

Steve discovered the drums at 15 and was heavily involved in the Manchester music scene of the early 90s, playing original songs at (to name a few!) Band on the Wall, The Academy and the now legendary Boardwalk which bore witness to the birth of Oasis' career. An eclectic player, Steve has played various styles of music from pop, Jazz and reggae to heavy rock so always brings the perfect nuanced rhythm to THAT MANCHESTER SOUND's music.  Steve wears the bucket hat that made Reni so iconic and churns out every sort of groove from break beats and shuffles to the skull crushing rock 'n' roll aggression of Oasis.